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This story map collection includes:

Welcome to the Eastern Shore

Along Nova Scotia’s rural Eastern Shore, coastal, intertidal, and nearshore spaces are significant cultural landscapes of multi-generational...

Eastern Shore Fisheries Resource

In collaboration with the Eastern Shore Archives and Lake Charlotte Area Heritage Society, our team has documented and analyzed...

The Community Collection

Combining the experiential knowledge of various users and their observations acquired through recreational and commercial activities can...

Revealing the Seafloor

Exploring Local Knowledge and Interpretations of Benthic Spaces along the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. The aim of this project was...

Visualizing Combined Community Data
Explore the Community Collection GeoApp

Future directions

The BEcoME project will continue to explore local knowledge of the seafloor and change to benthic environments along the Eastern Shore...

This story map collection includes:

Beyond the Lines

Challenges of documenting and visualizing local knowledge through participatory mapping

Community Asset Mapping in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Social Assets Mapping and Valuation for Climate Change Adaptation

Let's Take a Walk

The advantages of using in-person and virtual walking as a participatory method.

Mapping Coastal Stories

Maps as a Method in Community-Engaged Heritage Research

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