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Work Package 4.1
Theme: Hardware Technologies

Synthetic Aperture Sonar as a tool for fine-scale geological characterization

Work Package 4.2
Theme: Hardware Technologies

Monitoring change using innovative laser scanning technology

Work Package 4.3
Theme: Hardware Technologies

Seafloor characterization using multispectral multibeam sonar

Work Package 5
Theme: Data

Deep learning for seafloor imagery processing

Work Package 1.1
Theme: Societal Engagement

Engagement for co-design of benthic ecosystem mapping

Work Package 1.2
Theme: Societal Engagement

Benthoscape educational content for Ocean School

Work Package 2
Theme: Broad-scale Mapping

Role of geomorphology in assessing shifting species patterns in a changing ocean climate

Work Package 3
Theme: Fine-scale Mapping

Integrating fine-scale seafloor mapping into the assessment & management of benthic fisheries for environmentally conditioned advice

Work package links - REDUCED WPs v2[2004
WP's 1-3
WP's 3-4
Affiliated Project
Effective benthic habitat mapping and monitoring of Marine Protected Areas in Atlantic Canada
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