Position Opening!

Post-doctoral research assistant position on high resolution 3D habitat mapping

The Postdoctoral Research Assistant will join the 4D Oceans Research Lab in the School of Ocean Technology at the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University, St John's, Canada, and play a key role within the 'Benthic ecosystem mapping for sustainable ocean stewardship in a shifting ocean climate (BEcoME) project ( This role will focus on the development of classification approaches for ultra-high resolution 3D point clouds of complex underwater features and organisms...

Position Opening!

Funded PhD Position: Cross-cultural understanding of benthic ecosystems in Nova Scotia

The candidate will be admitted through the Interdisciplinary PhD (IdPhD) program. The PhD student will undertake research  at the intersection of social science and geographic information science or information technology, within a thematic context of exploring the nature of knowledge (scientific and local) of benthic environments in selected sites in Nova Scotia, as well as the mechanisms of knowledge and data visualization and mobilization...