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Theme: Societal Engagement
Engagement for co-design of benthic ecosystem mapping

This work package represents a collaborative undertaking among the multi-disciplinary research team and industry, community, and Indigenous organizations. This work package aims to co-produce a knowledge management and analytical framework that facilitates the effective use of different kinds of knowledge to inform management and policy decisions.
Specific objectives are engagement for collaborative data sharing and interpretation in select case study locations in Nova Scotia; the co-production of visualizations of the benthic environments using technologically- and culturally-derived data; and the design of a framework to integrate data, information, and knowledge in a cross-cultural setting to support decision-making for marine resource stewardship.

The collective objectives of this WP are: 

1) to establish a baseline condition in select locations against which to recognize environmental change, especially relating to climate change impacts, and the implications for the fisheries and for environmental conservation; and

2) to design mechanisms of knowledge and data sharing and decision-making that would contribute to a better understanding of benthic systems and their significance.

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WP1.1 Researchers
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WP1.1 Partners
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