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Scott Simps   n

Ocean School (Ocean Frontier Institute, National Film Board of Canada)

Scott is Ocean School’s in-house filmmaker – overseeing the development and production of the platform’s video assets. Over the past 25 years, he has amassed a list of credits that include director, producer, writer, editor, camera operator, and more. Whether it’s in film or television, drama or documentary, Scott brings a cinematographer’s eye, a writer’s flair for story, and a producer’s organizational skills to every project. 

In the years prior to joining Ocean School, Scott led the creation of over 40 hours of primetime television for Discovery, Smithsonian, National Geographic, the History Channel, and the National Film Board of Canada. His dramatic film work and music videos have received recognition across the globe. He is also a teacher and mentor as well as a passionate advocate for the environment and arts and culture in his city and beyond.





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