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Ritvik V   leti 

Ritvik Voleti 
Masters Student
Dalhousie University

Ritvik Voleti is currently pursuing a Master of Computer Science at Dalhousie University, having previously earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 2022. His academic background has been centered around Machine Learning and Deep learning.          


With a keen interest in the practical applications of computer vision and ML, he is actively engaged in research as a student at Benthic Net. Under the guidance of his supervisor, Dr. Thomas Trappenberg, he is focused on delving into ocean data, with the primary goal of conducting comprehensive studies on image classification and object detection. 


Ritvik is particularly enthusiastic about leveraging his expertise in AI to contribute to ecological research. By collaborating across diverse disciplines, he aspires to apply his skills to address complex challenges related to technology and environmental conservation. Throughout his graduate studies, Ritvik is dedicated to honing his capabilities in computer vision, aiming to make significant contributions at the intersection of advanced technology and environmental sustainability. 



Areas of interest: 

Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Computer Vision


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