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J   y Liu 

Joy Liu 
Master's Student (and Teaching Assistant) 
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Faculty of Science, Dalhousie University  

I graduated from the University of Prince of Edward Island (UPEI) with my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Actuarial Science in 2021. One of my undergraduate research projects was connected to animal health insurance. Under the supervision of Dr.Kai Liu , I constructed and interpreted survival models for animals to help redesign how animal insurance is calculated. This research resulted in more reasonable insurance costs for animal owners. I used statistical simulation methods (e.g., non-negative matrix factorization) to help generate data to adjust the pricing model.  
My Honours research project titled, Asymptotic Iteration Method (AIM) meets Black-Sholes (BS) Equation investigated AIM for BS option pricing with relaxed assumptions, supervised by Dr Nasser Saad. This study aimed to investigate AIM for BS option pricing with relaxed assumptions. The Asymptotic Iteration Method was used to obtain the closed-form formula of the BS equation. The study analyzed the relationship between interest rates and stock prices and incorporated short-term interest rate functions. By switching models under the BS framework, a new closed-form regime was identified, which extended the scope of the BS equation and provided fund managers with better insight into derivative price/hedging positions in practice.  
After I graduated from UPEI, I started my MSc in Statistics at DAL under the supervision of Drs. Joanna Mills Flemming and Orla Murphy. I am working to improve the estimation of length-weight relationships for marine species using spatiotemporal models.  


Areas of Expertise:

Applied Mathematics 
Actuarial Science  
Data Science 




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