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John W. Jamieson 
Associate Professor & Canada Research Chair in Marine Geology
Department of Earth Sciences, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Dr. John Jamieson is an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Marine Geology in the Department of Earth Sciences at Memorial University of Newfoundland. His research focuses on the occurrence and discovery of hydrothermal vents on the seafloor and the formation of seafloor massive sulfide deposits. This research centers on: 1) the geological and biological processes that occur at high-temperature deep-sea vents; 2) seafloor mapping and remote sensing techniques for characterizing the geological environment on and below the seafloor along submarine tectonic boundaries such as mid-ocean ridges and volcanic arcs; and 3) developing techniques for seafloor classification, and marine mineral resource exploration and assessment. Dr. Jamieson uses an array of data collection techniques (acoustic mapping, AUVs, ROVs, deep-sea drilling) and lab-based analytical techniques (petrography, mass spectrometry, stable and radioisotope analyses) for characterization of rock samples collected from the seafloor.

Areas of Expertise:

Marine Geology

Hydrothermal Systems

Seafloor Mapping

Deep Sea Mining

Submarine Tectonics

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