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Jens Schneider von Deimling 
Marine Geophysics and Hydroacoustics
Kiel University

Dr. Jens Schneider von Deimling is senior scientists and lecturer at the Institute of Geoscience at Kiel University. His research focus is twofold with various projects around the fate of marine methane as well as intense work on pushing forward marine seafloor habitat mapping. He is currently co-ordinating the multinational EU habitat mapping project ECOMAP ( The strategy is to keep pace with technological progress and drive innovation, and, at the same time, to work on not losing track on the most pressing research questions to date. Next to intense scientific collaboration he very intensily collaborates with hydroacoustic system manufacturers, authorities, and surveyors. His R&D approach is documented in many innovative hydroacoustic experimental studies in the field. Further on Dr. Schneider von Deimling supports international and national hydrographic societies with his ongoing vice-chair of the German Hydrographic Society (

Areas of Expertise:

-Experimental & customized acoustic measurements, processing, & imaging
-Multibeam echosounder (MBES) measurements 
-Shallow water surveying
-Acoustic seafloor & habitat mapping with focus on submerged aquatic vegetation
-Fate of marine methane

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