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Jake Tan

Jake Tan
PhD Candidate
Oceanography Department, Dalhousie University

Over the course of my decade-long career in the IT sector, I've seen how rapidly evolving machine learning techniques, combined with improved data collection capabilities, can bring about meaningful improvements to various fields. I am therefore keen to combine my experience in data science and cybersecurity with my love of the ocean to advance the use of machine learning in progressing the ocean sciences.

Prior to joining the SEAM lab in 2021, I earned an MSc in GIS from the University of Aberdeen, where I applied deep learning algorithms to multispectral and SAR satellite data to quantify saltmarsh extents on the west coast of Scotland. 

My PhD research will examine artificial intelligence techniques applied to ocean mapping using remote sensing data such as Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) or Multi-beam Echo Sounder (MBES). In particular, I seek to optimise the application of deep learning methods to enhance ocean floor characterization and classification capabilities. I hope to apply my research to improving fisheries management, MPAs management, and other efforts that contribute to ecosystem conservation.


Areas of Expertise:

Geospatial data analysis

Machine learning





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