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Floris Goerlandt
Assistant Professor
Department of Industrial Engineering, Dalhousie University

I currently an assistant professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering at Dalhousie University. I am also the Canada Research Chair in Risk Management and Resource Optimization for Marine Industries.
I obtained an MSc. degree in Maritime Sciences from the University of Antwerp (Antwerp, Belgium) in 2006, and an MSc. degree in Marine Technology from Ghent University (Ghent, Belgium) in 2005. After having experiences with multiple safety services in the maritime industry in various locations worldwide, I obtained a PhD degree focusing on Maritime Risk and Safety in 2015 from Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland). Subsequently, I obtained regulatory experience at the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM), where I contributed to developing a guideline for oil spill pollution preparedness and response risk management for European response authorities.
I have expertise in risk analysis and management, safety engineering and management, maritime transportation, mathematical modelling and optimization of transportation systems, emergency/disaster planning and response, and ship performance in ice. I published about 60 co-authored journal articles and 40 conference papers, numerous reports, and a co-edited book on Arctic shipping. I am on the editorial board of Safety Science, and contribute to various initiatives with international organizations to improve maritime risk management practices.

Areas of Expertise:

Benthic Ecology

Seafloor Habitat Mapping

Acoustic remote sensing

Underwater imaging

Benthic Ecosystem Monitoring

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