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Car    line Gini

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Caroline Gini
PhD candidate
Department of Earth Sciences, Memorial University of Newfoundland

I am a PhD candidate in marine geology at the Memorial University of Newfoundland. I obtained a BSc in geology from the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) and a MSc in geology from the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (France).

Throughout my academic career I have gained seagoing experience and specialized in characterizing different seafloor textures and geological features on bathymetric maps with the aid of optical imagery and acoustic techniques.

My research now focuses on developing a workflow for geological characterization of the seafloor and exploration of hydrothermal deposits using Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Sonar (InSAS). This technology provides simultaneously higher resolution imagery and bathymetry of the seafloor than conventional methods and has not yet been widely applied for geological exploration of the seabed. My goals as a Mitacs Accelerate Fellow are to develop a workflow and guidelines for using InSAS for seafloor geological characterization and further scientific applications, as well as to determine the benefits and limitations of this technique.



Areas of Expertise:

Seafloor geological processes


Geological characterization of the seafloor

Underwater acoustics

Sonar data processing




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